Who We Are

Redwoods Media was formed in the heart of Silicon Valley, and draws on the talents of its founding Engineers, with complementary backgrounds in the following areas:

  • Management/User Experience consulting (CGI, Research In Motion)
  • Product Management/Technical Product Marketing (Research In Motion, Cypress Semiconductor)
  • Technical Content Delivery/Internal Tool Management (Nortel Networks, HBC, Freelance Consulting)

What We Do

Redwoods Media is a consumer education media company, delivering high quality promotional and educational demonstrations that exceed our customer’s expectations. The content we provide delivers targeted communication to your intended audience in a custom branded video player, ensuring the experience remains consistent with the rest of your online presence. In addition to this content, Redwoods Media offers a unique video-analytics package allowing customers to monitor the success of a video as it travels across the web. All this is performed in a timely and cost-effective manner to ensure we yield the return-on-investment our customers have come to expect.

How We Do it

We currently have operation centers in both the United States and Canada which allows us to seamlessly collaborate with your business regardless of North American demographic.Moreover, our team includes great people who have been involved within all consumer verticals. Be it an online web-service, software package or internal tool for the Technology, Medical, Law, Professional Services, or SOHO services industry, we have the proper people to work with you.

Social Media

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